1.9.1 is ready for the masses

1.9.1 is ready for the masses - auto-update message window  

Hopefully, if you've launched ND in the last few hours you'll already know that a new version is available, as the Auto Update should've told you about the latest FREE update 1.9.1...


Playing the Changes: fantastic free lesson courtesy of Levi Clay

Levi Clay playing over changes  

Following the changes in a simple blues isn't so bad but if you want to find out how it's done over a jazz or fusion track! Let's get stuck in...


How to learn the names of the notes across the fretboard

Metal Method Note Learning  

I came across this great video by Doug Marks, of Metal Method fame, which I thought I'd share with you as it has some excellent ideas on how to learn the note names efficiently...


Winner of the Live4Guitar Competition Announced

Darius Wawrzyniak - 6th Live4Guitar Competition winner of the main Neck Diagrams prize  

And the winner...

..drum roll maestro, please..

.. of the main Neck Diagrams Prize
in the 6th Live4Guitar Competition..

.. IS ..

Dariusz Wawrzyniak, aka Darius Wave!

Congratulations to Darius, who took first prize virtually unanimously on the judges votes!


Sharp Dressed Man: T Shirts Now Available!

T Shirts: Sharp Dressed Man!  

Clean shirt... new shoes...

Obviously they were thinking about
the Neck Diagrams T-shirts
when they wrote Sharp Dressed Man ;)

'Cause everyone's CRAZY 'bout our killer dudes..!


We're sponsoring the 6th Live4Guitar competition!

Live4Guitar 6th Competition!  

Fancy a FREE copy of Neck Diagram Pro?!

Want an über cool Neck Diagrams T-shirt?!

Got some chops and some tasty licks?

Well then grab your axe and record a solo for the 6th Live4Guitar competition which we're proudly sponsoring...


Neck Diagrams on Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion  

Are you a Mac user? It's kinda hard to have not heard all the
buzz about the latest Apple releases...

Thinking about upgrading to Lion??!

Wondering whether Neck Diagrams runs OK on it? Read on to find out more...

Tags: PLAY THAT RIFF Competition Winners Play That Riff Play That Riff Winners Announced!

Did you enter the competition over at!

The three lucky winners have bagged LOADS of prizes,
including a copy of Neck Diagrams Pro each :)

Read on and check out the winning videos...


Auto-update hiccup

Launch countdown!  

The launch got delayed last week unfortunately,
not due to bad weather, although we had plenty of that!

Final preparations uncovered an issue with the auto-update mechanism so we've taken the opportunity to ditch the old update mechanism in favour of a new one now in 1.8...


Counting down to the 1.8 release

Launch countdown!  

Just a quick heads up!
1.8 will be out SOON

We're aiming to go live around the end of the month...

As usual there's lots of new features and improvements for you in this FREE update!

We'd actually hoped to have it available before our ad appeared in the latest issue of Guitar Techniques magazine...

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