Where's Version 2?

We get a few questions along the lines of "When is version 2 coming out?" and whether future updates will be free...

Well, we've recently released v1.9.1 and there may be a v1.10 although it certainly won't have nearly as many features as the previous large updates! (details here)

Version 2 is in development and we've been working on it for a while already. There's still a way to go yet though as there's TONS of great new stuff coming..

We can't provide a firm date for when v2 will be available but we're hoping 2nd half this year - so worst case 31st December! Obviously we'd love it to be sooner than that though :)

UPDATE 24th June 2016

Wow time flies - and it goes even faster when you have kids, which happened to two thirds of our team! Anyways, we just released v1.11 which will most likely be our last release before ND2 is ready!

And when will that be, I hear you ask! If only we had a crystal ball we'd have know what joys life was going to bring us and planned better, at least we'd not have had silly target dates lol.

We can say we are indeed working on ND2 - harder than ever now that v1.11 is done and dusted. We're just as eager to get it out to you as you are to finally use it :) Please bear with us just a while longer, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

UPDATE 9th December 2014

Well, first the GOOD NEWS - we've just released v1.10! That's the 2nd FREE update this year. We don't want to leave any unresolved issues as we approach ND2..

But the BAD NEWS is that we're behind on Neck Diagrams 2 so it won't be out before the end of 2104, unfortunately. Now I'm sure you'd like to know when?! but all we'll say at the moment is that it'll be 2015 - hopefully this way we won't end up disappointing you if we try to commit to some arbitrary date again!

Neck Diagrams is 5!!!

It's actually been 5 years since we released v1.0 and a paid update is long overdue! Besides, v2 represents a HUGE investment on our part and we're sure everyone will LOVE the many new features.

There will of course be a GENEROUS DISCOUNT for existing customers wanting to upgrade to v2. And it goes without saying that the incremental updates we provide to v2, i.e. v2.1, v2.2, etc will also be FREE.

What's more, if we release v2 within a month of your purchase then we'll give you a FREE UPGRADE TO v2! But please don't ask when that'll be! ;)

Start creating your own fab fretboard diagrams and chord charts!

So, in the meantime why not download Neck Diagrams, watch the introductory tutorial video and start creating your own fabulous fretboard diagrams and chord charts!