Auto-update hiccup

Launch countdown!  

The launch got delayed last week unfortunately,
not due to bad weather, although we had plenty of that!

Final preparations uncovered an issue with the auto-update mechanism so we've taken the opportunity to ditch the old update mechanism in favour of a new one now in 1.8...

We've had too much hassle from the old one and this new one will be better supported by the platform we're using so here's hoping it won't cause any more hassles going forward!

How does this affect me?

You'll find the auto-update mechanism will notify you that there's an update (unless you turned it off in the Preferences!) - but once the auto-update downloads the update and restarts you may notice it's still running 1.7 NOT 1.8!

What do I need to do?

Just grab the installer from the Download page and re-install - making sure to uninstall the old version first! If you've already purchased then it should remember your license key so you shouldn't need to re-enter it! And all your diagrams are safe as your data is stored separately to the program files!

So make sure you tell your friends to re-download when the update goes live. And we'll also mention this again in the Newsletter that we'll send out telling you about the update.

Not on the Newsletter list? See the teeny-weeny form on the right? FILL IT IN!! :)