Mac High Sierra update for non-English Systems |

Mac High Sierra update for non-English Systems

MacOS High Sierra background image  

We had a report of an issue on High Sierra today
(which we've fixed already ;)

Important information if your system's primary language is not English - please read on..

Menus not enabled?

A new customer reported the menus were all disabled like in the picture below.. we've never seen this issue before and it turns out to be related to High Sierra (many thanks to Rudolf for telling us about this!)

However it's only an issue on systems where the primary language is NOT English.

The fix turned out to be as easy as chopping out some settings from a file, but to save anyone hassle we've uploaded a new Mac build with the updated file, so if this affects you then just download the new build and install Neck from the disk image again!

Neck Diagrams menu issue on non-English MacOS High Sierra system