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ND 1.11 is coming any day now - some things you need to know

Things you need to know about the v1.11 release  

We'll be releasing v1.11 of Neck Diagrams in the next few days so here's a heads up with some information you really need to know, ESPECIALLY if you're a Mac user..

Don't run the auto-updater!

It's been a while since our last release so some of you might not yet have seen the auto-update popup - below is an example of what it'll look like - for this release we don't want you to press the "Finish" button!

The auto-update notification shows up when you either click the little yellow "Updates Available" notification in the bottom right corner of the main application window or by selecting menu Help > Check for Updates...

Huh? Why not click the Finish button then?

Well, the screenshot might've given it away if you looked closely :) but it's because of an important change:
Neck Diagrams now uses the latest Java 8 however if you run the auto-updater you won't get this change due to technical reasons.

You need to download and run the full installation SO PLEASE CLICK THE BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON INSTEAD or just visit our Download page here!

So what's the big deal for Mac users?

Until this release Neck Diagrams required you to have the legacy Apple Java 6 update.

This is long out of date but also since Lion came out Apple no longer bundles Java with its operating system, so until now you needed to install a Java update each time they released a new OS update i.e. every year!

So, to ensure your ND doesn't use Java 6 on your Mac anymore please reinstall either clicking the green Download button or from our Download page instead of upgrading using the automatic update mechanism.

Mac users also note that on clicking the green Download button, the Neck Diagrams .dmg file will be downloaded in the background, so please then open your downloads folder in Finder

What happens if I do click the Finish button and let the auto-update run?

Don't panic! The world won't explode and you won't need a towel!

We've set things up so you'll get a security warning once the auto-update downloads and before it installs, which'll hopefully make folks think "Oh hang on I wasn't supposed to do this, was I!"

If you still proceed beyond that then you'll get the fixes and code changes but will still be using the older Java installation you already had, whether you're on Windows or Mac.

Other news: The end of the road for legacy Mac builds

Another important item, if you're using the 32bit or PPC/OSX Tiger builds then be warned that these are now end-of-life and Neck Diagrams 2 will only support 64-bit Mac builds, 32-bit Windows and we'll be adding 64-bit Windows builds also.

That's all for now.. we'll be sending out a Newsletter email as usual once ND 1.11 is officially released.


hello i can't open the dmg.

i can't open the dmg. it says image no recognized !!!
I running El captan 10.11.5

Hi, please make sure your

Hi, please make sure your download is the correct size, as detailed on the Download page. Retry and if you still have problems then please email us (email address is on the Help page).