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ND 1.11.1 now ready to download

ND 1.11.1 is ready to download  

We've sorted out the issues Win 10 users had with ND 1.11 and there's a new build available for everyone to download now

Windows 10 issues resolved

This release fixes the issues Windows 10 users had with the 1.11 release two weeks ago - if you were affected it'll restore the Diagram Gallery workspace to how you had it right before the 1.11 installation.

If you've created any new diagrams since then it'll need to move these out of the way but will prompt you first and will show them in File Explorer afterwards so that you can easily drag & import them back into the Diagram Gallery.

Tested every which way and sanity checked by a dozen users too!

Apologies for the delay getting this patch release out - we pulled 1.11 to make sure there were no further problems, and we've been making sure the fix is solid before making it public. Many thanks to those of you who helped sanity check that it's working fine!