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ND2 version 2.1.1 now available! macOS Catalina users heads up..

ND2 2.1.1 Release  

We're extremely pleased to announce that we've released ND2 version 2.1.1!

There's lots of improvements and fixes in this one 8) - Anyone running macOS Catalina should read on as this release won't run "out-of-the-box" on Catalina..

What are the changes?

This release has a large number of changes in it - we got through around 180 dev tickets! A detailed list of changes is in the version history changelog:

Important information for Catalina users

TL;DR -- if you're on Catalina either stick with 2.0.3 for a few more weeks or allow the build to run as described below via System Preferences

We were aiming to push out this release before Christmas however with all those dev tickets it took longer to complete testing than we expected!

We did in fact upload our 2.1 build to the website at the start of February - however a bug cropped up that we decided needed to be fixed pronto.

Now, to keep Apple’s latest macOS Catalina happy we have to go through a process Apple introduced, called Notarization. This involves developers uploading their software to Apple who run checks and scans e.g. for malware.

We’ve actually been doing this for a while, but literally a couple days after we uploaded 2.1 Apple changed the notarization rules and we were failing the checks - because one 3rd party library we use uses older Apple APIs!

We’d aimed to have the final release out before this change, but this has prevented us from notarising 2.1.1 build with the bugfix, which means you have to take extra steps to run it on Catalina, see below.

Rather than making everyone else wait because of this Catalina hiccup we’re releasing now and will follow up with another build.

When will a Catalina-ready release be available?

We’re going to be preparing a 2.1.2 build which WILL let it run on Catalina "out of the box", but we have to replace some important libraries so we’ll have to do a lot more testing again to make sure all is ok.

We hope to have this ready early March.

Until then you’ll need to stick with 2.0.3 or follow the steps below.

How can I run 2.1.1 on Catalina in the meantime?

The first time you run this release on Catalina you’ll see this info window:

Click the OK button, then open System Preferences and go the Security and Privacy settings.

Click Open Anyway if you’re happy to run this build.

You’ll then get another popup where you can click Open.