Neck Diagrams on Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion  

Are you a Mac user? It's kinda hard to have not heard all the
buzz about the latest Apple releases...

Thinking about upgrading to Lion??!

Wondering whether Neck Diagrams runs OK on it? Read on to find out more...

OK, the short answer is YES! Neck Diagrams works just fine on Mac OS X Lion.

The first start is a little different to previous versions of Mac OS X, which used to ship with a Java runtime by default... Now the OS detects when you first run a Java app and prompts you to download Java, so you get the kind of flow I've shown below.

Only, in my case some Adobe process kicked in first so the first window doesn't say "Neck Diagrams" like I would've liked for the purpose of this demonstration :)

Fig 1. This is the "Oh wait, you're trying to run a Java app" notification

Fig 2. OK let's see what we got out there for ya...

Fig 3. Got it! We're rolling :)

Fig 4. Done! All set...

Once you click the OK button as show above, if this was kicked of by starting Neck Diagrams, then you'll find the next thing you see is the ND splash screen.

Happy Neck Diagramming on Lion!