YES! v1.7 IS OUT :)

Neck Diagrams at the RGT Conference  

Yup, you read that right the first time!
No need for a double-take...

The Automatic Update will detect the new version BUT we're recommending that instead of letting that run through, that you download and re-install...

Why? Well simply because the installer needs to do a little work that the Update mechanism can't - like registering file associations for example (so if you've dragged out diagrams from the app, you can now directly open those .fbd files)

There's tons of new features and improvements, like...

  • define your own intervals maps in the Scale Generator
  • we've added triads, extra arpeggios and more bebop scales than you'll know what to do with!
  • musical symbol fonts on Windows
  • opening .fbd files directly (did I mention that already?!)
  • new look and feel to the toolbox
  • German and Italian translations
  • have note markers show right next to the fret wires instead of in the middle of the fret
  • etc...

Want to know more?! There's a full run-down of the changes on the Version History page, so have a look through there whilst you're downloading.

Still here?! Go download it already!