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Neck Diagrams 2 build 2.1.1 IS HERE !

Your free trial of Neck Diagrams 2 is FULLY FUNCTIONAL apart from:

  • can be run up to 20 times
  • up to 8 fretboards per page
  • print & export watermarks after 10 prints / exports
  • Scale Generator can be used up to 10 times

Neck Diagrams Standard, Box Shot

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on disk
64bit Windows 10 to Windows 7

MD5 checksum: 84b5a1a135cc1712f61973b5d13eaf40

on disk
32bit Windows 10 to Windows 7

MD5 checksum: 6b883720a9478a28a4d3f6247c0e67b0

Installation Notes

Already got ND2 installed? The installer will prompt you to uninstall the old version first before it installs the new one. Don't worry - your diagram files are safe as they're kept separately from the app installation files!

on disk
v2.1.1 for 10.14 Mojave to 10.10 Yosemite

user permission required to run on Catalina Learn how

on disk
v2.0.3 for 10.15 Catalina
if you don't want to grant permission to 2.1.1 then use 2.0.3 until we have a new build in early March. Find out more

Installation Notes

2.1.1 does run on Catalina, but requires additional manual steps to grant permission. Read more

If you don't want to grant permissions to 2.1.1 please use the 2nd download button above for 2.0.3. We're working to provide a new build for Catalina, which should be available in March.

Signed with our Developer ID; passes Gatekeeper security checks and you won't get any warning messages!

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