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Neck Diagrams 2 build 2.2 IS HERE !

Your free trial of Neck Diagrams 2 is FULLY FUNCTIONAL apart from:

  • can be run up to 20 times
  • up to 12 fretboards per page
  • print & export watermarks after 10 prints / exports
  • Scale Generator can be used up to 10 times

Neck Diagrams Standard, Box Shot

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on disk
v2.2.0, 64bit, Windows 10 to Windows 7

MD5 checksum: 394bcaefbfdafedde634b185ab145f8a

on disk
v2.2.0, 32bit, Windows 10 to Windows 7

MD5 checksum: 305fcbfa28769c9c0f1f2cf1c9ae3037

Installation Notes

Already got ND2 installed? The installer will prompt you to uninstall the old version first before it installs the new one. Don't worry - your diagram files are safe as they're kept separately from the app installation files!

on disk
v2.2.0 for MacOS Big Sur (11) ⭢ Yosemite (10.10)

MD5 checksum: dd4fe03d15565c3c7ec544c3b69b1fb7

Installation Notes

Neck Diagrams 2.2 is ready for Big Sur!
Signed and notarised with our Developer ID; passes Gatekeeper security checks and you won't get any warning messages!

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