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ND1 Version History

We like to release small updates regularly as this allows us to get requested features out to you quickly. However the last few have been getting bigger and bigger! However the last few have been getting bigger and bigger!


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  1.12  |  10th October 2018

We have a number of bugfixes in this release, plus a new update system with which we'll be able to tell you about ND2 when it arrives :)

Diagram Gallery
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed a problem that would occasionally result in document thumbnails not being created in the Diagram Gallery
  • fixed an error that would get triggered when clicking in the empty list area of the New Diagram Page wizard
[1.12] [top]
Scale Generator
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed a bug with the 3 Note per String generator that caused notes to start at the wrong position on guitars with 7 or more strings
[1.12] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • added support for the Recently Used Colours list in the Windows colour dialog, so colour choices can be preserved across sessions
  • fixed an error that could get triggered when scrolling and then closing the Instrument Library in the fretboard Inspector
  • finally found & fixed the cause of a problem that would make connections 'go haywire', seemingly shooting off in random directions off the page
  • fixed problems when using connections between certain objects, particularly when one end is an image
  • fixed a bug where undoing a change to a fretboard's Starting Fret value would actually change it to the wrong value
  • fixed some issues with the Page Size properties in the Inspector, particularly relating to undo/redo
[1.12] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed an error that would occur when printing a page with a text box still in edit mode
[1.12] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • on Windows, files cannot end with spaces, so instead of showing a potentially confusing error message we now simply strip off whitespace at the end of project/folder/file names
  • corrected New Blank Diagram keyboard shortcut documentation (under menu Help > Help Contents)
[1.12] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed a registration bug that caused Standard mode to revert back to Trial mode at the next start
  • fixed an issue with the registration dialogs that could cause them to become extremely wide when pasting in a license code with no line breaks
[1.12] [top]
Windows Installer
Fixed and Improved
  • now preventing the Windows installer from being run multiple times concurrently
  • no longer letting the installer run if Neck Diagrams is still open
  • fixed some translated text showing incorrectly (in Uninstaller)
  • added information about a potential continual Abort/Retry/Ignore error that some users have reported, workaround is to reboot!
[1.12] [top]
Update Mechanism
Fixed and Improved
  • we've added a new update mechanism which we'll be using to notify you of new releases like the upcoming ND2. Yes, it's on it's way :)
[1.12] [top]

  1.11.3  |  20th September 2016

This update provides compatibility with our new online store and provides a bugfix:

  • Fixed a bug that caused longer Roman numeral fret numbers to be truncated, e.g. VIII, XIII
  • Added support for our new online store. If you purchase using the new store you will need to be running this version or newer.
[1.11.3] [top]

  1.11.2  |  22nd August 2016

This update fixes purchase links:

  • We've changed the purchase links to point to our Buy page instead of the online store which unfortunately 'disappeared' when our payment processor, Kagi, shut down recently. No more '404 page not found' errors when trying to purchase a license!
  • Also fixed a bug when exporting on Mac OSX Yosemite (10.10)
[1.11.2] [top]

  1.11.1  |  14th July 2016

We had to pull 1.11 due to a bug on Windows 10 - this release fixes that problem making the 1.11 changes available for all again

  • Fixed an important bug on Windows 10 causing the Diagram Gallery to come up blank after restarting. The fix restores affected users to the pre-1.11 state
  • Also fixed a bug that caused the Help > Help Contents documentation to not open correctly
[1.11.1] [top]

  1.11  |  27th June 2016  |  REMOVED DUE TO A Win 10 BUG PLEASE USE v1.11.1

This release mostly includes a number of bugfixes:

  • Neck Diagrams now uses the latest Java 8.
    If you're a Mac user then this means you NO LONGER need to use the legacy Apple Java 6 update
    To ensure your ND doesn't use Java 6 please reinstall from our Download page instead of upgrading using the automatic update mechanism

  • a change in Windows 10 caused the location of diagram files to change - if this has happened on your system then when Neck Diagrams restarts it will move the workspace folder to the usual, correct location
[1.11] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed an issue on Mac OSX that could cause the Export dialog not to open, triggering the Error dialog instead
  • when double clicking a .fbd file you get prompted to import or open from the file's location, and can choose for ND to remember your decision. However you couldn't then change your decision - well now you can, in Preferences
[1.11] [top]
  • we've added support for OTF fonts! You can now use those fonts you've got from other music apps :)
  • ..however there's still an OTF issue on Windows 7 which we haven't been able to figure out - but it's fine on Windows 10 (and 8/8.1)! And Mac OS X
  • fixed a problem that would cause fretboards to grow in size after using the Scale Generator or editing the title text using the Inspector
  • improved line connections and how they join note markers, so they now don't overlap or end short
  • sorted out an issue where strings were coming through into hollow square note markers
  • fixed an error that could occur when undoing a note marker label type change
  • some users reported an issue where everything would disappear from a page when saving (although any connections would still show..); this was caused by hidden/non-visible note markers and is now resolved
[1.11] [top]
Scale Generator
Fixed and Improved
  • we've added major and minor 6 arpeggios to the Four Note Arpeggios group
  • it's now easier to rename a custom Scale Generator entry as the rename dialog box is now pre-populated with the scale/arpeggio name so you don't have to type it in from scratch to make a small edit
  • the search field on the Scale Generator wizard supports wildcards so we've added some tooltip text to the search text box:
    • Wildcards *, ? supported e.g. "*lydian" matches: Lydian, Mixolydian, Oriental (Mixolydian b5 b9), etc
[1.11] [top]
Diagram Gallery
Fixed and Improved
  • resolved an issue when importing pages from a zipfile on Windows
  • fixed an error popup that could get triggered when a page thumbnail was being updated during app shutdown
  • fixed an error that would occur when navigating between projects/folders using the cursor keys where a project/folder has no diagram pages
  • switching to another application could sometimes leave the tooltip showing for diagrams with long filenames
[1.11] [top]

  1.10  |  8th December 2014

This is a small release which adds a new translation and bugfixes:

Fixed and Improved
  • fixed an issue where exported pages could have larger than expected right and bottom borders
  • fixed an error popup on exporting when the previous save location no longer exists e.g. a folder was deleted or USB pendrive removed
[1.10] [top]
Diagram Gallery
Importing from ZIP Files
  • You can now import diagrams from compressed ZIP files! Just drag & drop the ZIP file onto the Diagram Gallery and a window will popup to walk you through the process, presenting a few options along the way
  • This feature also makes it super easy to re-import files from the Automatic Backups (see in the Preferences, and in Help > Contents for more details) as this takes periodic backups of your workspace as ZIP files, you can now restore all or pick out just one file in the event you deleted something unintentionally!
  • And you can also provide 'packs' of documents as ZIP files to others.. The ZIP Import Wizard makes it much more convenient, no need to send .fbd files individually or unpack ZIPs and import files one by one
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed a problem on Windows where renaming or deleting files from the Diagram Gallery wouldn't work correctly, occasionaly leaving behind a diagram thumbnail that couldn't be opened or removed
  • fixed an issue where copy/pasting files with certain characters in the their names e.g. "(" or, ")" wouldn't work
[1.10] [top]
instrument Library
Portuguese Guitars
We've added Portuguese Lisbon and Coimbra tunings, especially for the Fado aficionados!
5 String Banjo
Changed the default 5 string banjo tuning so that the 5th string 5th fret is now correctly tuned to G (we'll be improving the 5 string banjo diagrams so in future the 5th string will correctly start at the 5th fret!)
[1.10] [top]
Scale Generator
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed an error that would occur when using the Scale Generator on Guitars with 5 strings
[1.10] [top]
New Language Added
  • ND 1.10 includes Brazilian Portuguese translations. Divirta-se!
[1.10] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • the Windows installer now defaults to adding folder name 'Neck Diagrams' to any folder selected
  • fixed an error on Windows that could occur when exiting ND by pressing ALT+F4 with the Welcome page open
  • fixed an error that could occur when dragging a Project in the Diagram Gallery
  • enhanced the Upgrade dialog to recognise a license code on the clipboard, just as the Registration dialog does
[1.10] [top]

  1.9.1  |  23rd March 2014

This release focuses on bugfixes! Here's what you need to know:

Fixed and Improved
  • exportng to PDF on Retina MacBook Pros now works correctly!
  • tab characters were disappearing when exporting to PDF
  • overwriting and existing file on export could cause the position of the exported page to shift, as reported by user ShredDead on the ND forums
  • resolved an issue with Save As dialogs on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
[1.9.1] [top]
Scale Generator
Fixed and Improved
  • the Scale Generator could sometimes places notes 12 frets higher up the fretboard than necessary - fixed!
  • fixed an issue where notes could get omitted from arpeggios in some circumstances
  • fixed an issue with the Scale Generator where it could, given certain inputs, not stick to the fret range supplied but add more notes outside the range
[1.9.1] [top]
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed a bug with the Outline option not showing on solid square, circle and triangle note markers
  • fixed an error popup that could occur when selecting the Edit menu when starting ND in a diagram page, more commonly on Windows than Macs
  • trying to create something outside the page bounds no longer triggers an error - but why would you do this anyway?!
  • fixed string lengths so the thicker strings now never come up a pixel short nor too long!
  • intervals were not getting updated correctly when transposing rootless chords (ie where root not shown)
  • corrected an issue with page sizes that could trigger an error popup; added more logging detail
  • no longer prompting whether to "Clear root setting" when deleting ALL notes from a fretboard; we assume you want to wipe the fretboard clean and so just clear the root
  • fixed a bug when moving fretboards but having one or notes also selected
  • on Retina MacBook Pros the browser icon under the Help menu was oversized
[1.9.1] [top]
Diagram Gallery
Fixed and Improved
  • fixed an error popup that could occur when opening several .fbd files at once with Neck Diagrams
  • resolved an error that could occur when dragging .fbd files into certain parts of the Diagram Gallery
  • fixed an issue where opening several pages at once from the Diagram Gallery by pressing the ENTER key could trigger an error message
[1.9.1] [top]
Spanish and Japanese
  • corrected some Spanish translations and also some Italian menu text
  • corrected a few English typos
[1.9.1] [top]

  1.9  |  31st May 2013

This release adds more customizations, shortcuts and bugfixes! Here's what you need to know:

Automatic Update Mechanism
Fixed and Improved

  • ND now uses a newer update mechanism - this has had problems in the past especially for Windows users and now we'll be able to deliver updates hassle-free!
  • remember that v1.9 ISN'T available via auto-update so please tell any other users you know to download and install the new version
[1.9] [top]
Spanish and Japanese
  • Neck Diagrams 1.9 comes with 2 additional languages: Spanish and Japanese, so now that's 6 supported languages in total, the others being English, French, German and Italian
  • And you can easily switch language in the Preferences window - we squashed a bug that prevented this
Windows Installer
  • Windows users can choose their preferred language right at the start in the installer which has also been translated into all languages, plus it's had a lick of paint applied too!
[1.9] [top]
Inspector Changes
Note Marker Labels

  • The fretboard note marker label style option has been moved up nearer the top to make it more prominent - it's a key feature that some folks don't spot!
  • remember that you don't have to set the label style per note - just set it at the fretboard level so this is then used by each note by default, and only set it on notes where you want to override the default to show something else
Interval Enharmonics

  • More interval enharmonics have been added:
  • b11, ##4, bb6 & bb13
Inspector Bugfixes
  • "Show fr." on the fretboard "Frets" tab now saves and loads correctly
  • Fixed a bug when moving a note with the Inspector open - the enharmonic dropdown lists were not updated to reflect the new interval/note
  • Fixed a strange bug where you couldn't set the root note if you'd changed the fretboard's instrument from guitar to bass
[1.9] [top]
Editor Changes
New Look Barres
  • the old barre tool can still be used - it's been renamed to the "curved connection" tool now

  • There's a new transpose facility which allows you to shift notes easily
  • accessed from menu Edit > Transpose, the fretboard menu or keyboard shortcut, there's two different ways you can use it:
    • if the fretboard has a root note then you just select the new root note and your notes will get moved up or down (if possible or if you don't mind open strings)
    • or enter how many frets up or down you want to shift the notes - in this mode you can disable updating of the root note, great for superimposing scale shapes over seemingly unrelated chords!
  • Note: this feature is only available in the Pro version
Automatic Compound Intervals
  • Compound intervals can now be shown automatically
  • in the Interval Names section of the Preferences window you'll find a new checkbox option "Show upper extensions by default, e.g. b13 instead of b6"
  • you can still of course override enharmonics yourself via the note marker settings in the Inspector
  • however, currently compound intervals are shown even when the interval is not an octave above the lowest root note! This is something we'll address in a future release, as it means changing the instrument tuning definitions to include octave information, and we didn't want to delay v1.9 even further!
  • click the image to the left to see where the option is in the Preferences
Note Selection Shortcuts

  • More note selection shortcuts have been added
  • accessible from the Edit menu, right-click context menu and as keyboard shortcuts
  • the 'Select all notes on this string' also works when you select notes on more than one string!
  • click the image to the left for an example
Set Root Shortcut

  • There's a shortcut for setting the root note so you don't have to do this only via the Inspector
  • It's on the right-click context menu (shown below) plus you can also use the keyboard shortcut (when a note is selected) CTRL+ALT+R on Windows or CMD+OPT+R on Macs
Deleting the root note

  • When deleting a root note you'll now be asked whether you also want to clear the root flag
  • you can delete a root note without and choose not to clear the root note flag, which is what happened previously in ND, and in this case the interval relationships remain for the other notes left
  • it's clearer this way that you can easily create rootless chords by setting the root note but deleting the marker afterwards!
  • Copy/pasting fretboards: fixed a bug where you could get a fretboard with a slightly different size to the source fretboard - not any more!
  • If you're copy/pasting items from a large page to a small one ND will now make sure that the pasted items won't get placed off the page area
  • Fixed an error that would popup when trying to drag notes from one fretboard to another
    • this is something that's never been supported anyway but at least now you don't get an error if you try! Yes, we've heard those of you asking for copy/paste of notes between fretboards - this'll come in a future release :)
  • Fixed a bug where custom note marker labels are lost when copy/pasting a fretboard containing them
Legend Ignores Blank Labels

  • Legends that show fingerings just for certain notes now don't add spaces for notes that should be ignored, allowing for better alignment
  • this example shows the new behaviour on the right, old on the left: note the shifted '3' on the B string on the v1.8 pic!
Editor Bugfixes
  • Improvements to the positioning/centring of note marker labels on small fretboards
  • Fret numbers: fixed a bug where wider fret numbers made the fretboard size shrink
    • i.e. would occur when changing the starting fret or number of frets so that the 12th fret marker number (or higher) is shown
  • Fixed a bug where connected note markers which become invisible due to being out of the visible fretboard range would still show the connection line
  • The tuning label on left-handed horizontal fretboards was wrong - now corrected
  • Fixed a bug where you could get a seemingly random error popup whilst using the editor
  • Fixed an odd bug that would occur when entering custom note marker text beginning with 'x' (lower case)
  • Also fixed an issue when pasting an image of a fretboard with a border to another application - it used to not copy the border outline
[1.9] [top]
Custom Note Markers
Musical Symbols

  • You can now easily enter musical symbols on custom note marker labels
  • there's a an option on the Fretboard page in Preferences that enables/disables this
  • when entering custom note marker text with this option enabled b will show as a flat symbol, bb as double flat, # as a sharp and ## as double sharp
Now 3 Characters Allowed

  • Custom note marker text extended by an extra character so now allows up to 3 characters to be entered
  • can enter Roman numerals - wouldn't allow III before!
  • can enter Solfege/Latin names (* enhancement for special support for this coming in future)
[1.9] [top]
Text Boxes
Text Box Size When Editing

  • When editing text the size of the text entry field should now always match the size of the text box on the page
  • previously the scrollbars would get in the way causing text to wrap differently so it wasn't quite "what you see is what you get"
[1.9] [top]
Scale Generator
Scale Names

  • A certain Frank Gambale (yes, that's right!) suggested a change to the melodic minor scale names we were using - so we listened :)
  • We've modified the names of the melodic minor modes to more common standard ones
  • "Allow open strings" was sometimes confusing the algorithms causing notes to be placed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error popup when previously using a CAGED shape in the Scale Generator, but then using the Scale Generator on a non-standard tuned guitar (e.g. banjo)
  • Fixed a bug where switching from a pre-defined scale to a custom map could trigger an error
  • Run the Scale Generator with a root note selected on the fretboard selects that root in the Scale Generator - although it didn't for sharp/flat notes - fixed!
[1.9] [top]
Instrument Library

  • Ukuleles are now officially present in Neck Diagrams!
  • remember that if a tuning or instrument isn't in ND then you can actually create any custom instrument/tuning you like in the Instrument Library via menu File > New Tuning
  • Correction made to the 6 string bass tuning
  • Correction made to 5 string banjo tuning
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where the instrument images on the left hand side can get squashed if you define your own custom instruments that appear at the top of the list
[1.9] [top]
Specifying a Filename

  • You can now enter the filename used to save exported files
  • it defaults to the page name but isn't locked to that anymore!
Exporting Bugfixes

  • Fix for mangled musical symbols when exporting to PDF on Windows
    the Windows installer will now install the font used in the correct place as loading it on the fly didn’t work on everyone’s systems - so it’s important you run the installer if on Windows!
  • Exporting pages opened from an external .fbd file (not imported) no longer throws up the error submitter window
[1.9] [top]
License Registration

  • The registration dialog no longer complains if you have blank characters at the start or end of the license code when pasting it in!
  • in fact we've made it even easier to register as the clipboard is checked for the presence of a license code and if it finds one then it's pasted right into the text box for you when you open the registration window :)
[1.9] [top]
General Changes
Single Fretboard Templates

  • There are new single fretboard templates in the New Diagram Page window
  • note that these probably make most sense when you choose a small page size!
New Example Page with Chord Progression

  • We've added a new example page "Minor Pent Position 2" which demonstrates a cunningly simple way to include chord progressions in diagrams
  • NOTE: if you already have a previous version of Neck Diagrams installed then to have this new page show up go to the Diagram Gallery and select menu Help > Restore Example Diagrams...
  • thanks to Marcus Wynwood for posting this on the forums and allowing us to use it!
Quick Access to Forums and our YouTube and Facebook pages

Toolbar Visibility

  • Control toolbar visibility via menu Window > Show (Hide) Toolbar
  • On older version of Mac OS X it's possible to hide the toolbar via a grey oval icon in the top right of the title bar - but if you exited with it hidden you couldn't get it back as the button disappears on restart!
Diagram Gallery Tooltips

  • The List View thumbnail layout now shows tooltips for long filenames - previously only the Icon View layout had this helper
Saving/Opening Files
  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating a new page
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error popup when moving pages or folders with the source pages/folders partly left behind and cannot be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where saving a file would fail reporting a cryptic "Resource is out of sync with the filesystem"
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred when opening/importing a .fbd file if you'd chosen to have your 'import or open' preference remembered
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Neck Diagrams to stop responding when opening a file as it would go into an infinite loop
[1.9] [top]
Mac Specific Changes
Support for Retina Display

  • Those of you lucky enough to have a Retina display MacBook Pro will be happy to hear it's now supported for a much sharper look!

  • Macs no longer needs the 'Print via Preview' feature so this option has been removed
  • Printing now always opens the standard Mac printing dialog window
64-bit Neck Diagrams
  • We strongly recommend anyone who can run the 64-bit version should do so! If you're running Lion or Mountain Lion then you definitely can :)
  • the version that works on older Mac OS X installs (Tiger, Leopard, PowerPC machines) will eventually become stale and it might not be possible to include all the features that are being planned for v2.0
  • if you're using this version on a system that appears to be able to run the 64-bit version you may well get a popup recommending you download that instead
[1.9] [top]

  1.8  |  9th December 2010

This release adds lots more customizations! Here's what you need to know:

Lefty Support!
  • Left-handed players rejoice! We’ve added support for creating left-handed fretboards (click the image to see how)
  • You can set fretboards to be left-handed and enter notes that way, or if you’ve some right-handed diagrams already you can just select the “Left-handed” checkbox in the inspector and the fretboard and notes will flip over - easy!
Fretboard Edges and Rounded Fretwire Ends
  • Not keen on the way the fretboard ends right at the top and bottom strings? Not quite like a real fretboard, is it?!
  • We’ve added options in the Inspector that allow you to extend the fretboard edge beyond the strings, and also to have rounded fretwire ends (click the image to see where to find these options)
Control over Fret Number Positioning
  • We’ve added more control over where fret numbers are placed (click the image for more info)
  • As well as the previous default of being centered in the fret, you can now choose to have the fret numbers shown by the fretwire, or to just have the fret number of the first visible fret shown (which is really useful for chord boxes!)
  • There’s also an option to show “fr.” by the number so for example you chord boxes could show “5fr.”
More Colour Flexibility
  • Virtually every colour used on the fretboard can now be customised
  • There are 3 sections on the fretboard Inspector page, for fretboard, note and string colours (and remember you can set defaults via the Preferences page) (click the image to see all 3 sections)
Wide Nut
  • If you prefer chunkier nuts... then you can choose to fill the mute/open string area to achieve the same effect. Open string/mute markers will then appear to be on the nut (click the image to see how to do this and how to fill the open string markers also)
  • And you can change the nut colour too if you like!
Fretboard Bugfixes
  • We've made a fix for an error that could occur when trying to edit the fretboard title
  • We've improved the algorithm for maintaining the fretboard size when fretboard adornments change, e.g. when deleting a line of text from the fretboard title
[1.8] [top]
Note Markers
Custom Note Marker Labels
  • You can now enter your own text onto notes (click the image to see how)
  • You must set the note label style to “Custom” & use “Set custom label..” on the note context menu to enter the custom text, which is limited to two characters
Two-colour Note Markers
  • Want to show common tones of different chords on one fretboard? Trying to highlight common scale tones?
  • The “Left/right colours” option of the note marker Inspector page now lets you do just this! (click the image to see how)
Different Coloured Root Notes
  • You can now override the root note highlight colour, allowing you to show them in different colours on the same fretboard.
Open String Marker Colour
  • Open string markers will now behave themselves when you choose a custom colour... they'll no longer ignore you and stay black!
Set Fingerings Using Mouse
  • Got your hands full balancing your guitar whilst using the computer?!
  • If your other hand is already on the mouse then use the note marker right-click context menu to set fingerings instead of typing them in (click the image to see the menu)
[1.8] [top]
Text & Printing
Default Font Preferences
  • We’ve added a new “Fonts” Preferences page where you can control the default font for text boxes and fretboard titles
  • (click the image to see the Preferences page)
Text Visibility Indicator
  • The “not all text visible” indicator no longer gets shown when printed or exported
  • If you’re not sure what that is, it’s the plus sign that shows up at the bottom right hand corner of a text box when the box is too small for the text!
Printer Settings
  • Printer settings are now remembered during the session
  • So if you want to print out some pages where you’ve flipped the page size so they’re landscaped, well you no longer have to change the print dialog to landscape each time you print!
Ink Saver Print Mode
  • A new “Ink Saver Mode” has been added to the Print Preferences page (click the image to see where to enable this)
  • When this option is selected fretboard backgrounds will not be painted when printed - so you don’t have to set your default fretboard background to white to save on ink!
[1.8] [top]
Resizable Inspector
  • If your computer is setup with a non-standard theme/font then you might’ve found all the Inspector widgets wouldn’t fit in the constrained window size
  • Well, for those of you who came up against this, we’ve removed the restriction and you can now resize the Inspector if you need to
[1.8] [top]
Diagram Gallery
  • We've made a fix such that if the thumbnail database cannot be created/started then Neck Diagrams will revert to creating them on the fly, as it used to do, rather than this causing errors at startup
  • Added a fix for an intermittent error when deleting a page from the Diagram Gallery which is still open in an editor window
  • Mac: fix for backup failure due to “Resource is out of sync with filesystem” error message
  • Mac [Tiger only]: trying to move a page within its folder correctly shows a warning message but would incorrectly delete the file
[1.8] [top]
Other Bugfixes
Image Element
  • Added a warning message when image file is too large to load, instead of generating an error
  • A number of fixes have been made regarding connections, notably around copying/pasting objects with connections
Scale Generator
  • fix for error that could occur when new generated notes does not contain a root note
  • Italian: made a fix for an error that could occur due to a bad message format
  • fixed an issue where deleting a custom user template could cause an error

  1.7  |  11th September 2010

Another big release, bigger than expected or planned! Let's break it down:

General Changes
Open exported .fbd files directly
  • Neck Diagrams now supports opening .fbd document files directly by double-clicking on them!
  • If Neck Diagrams isn’t running it will be started; you’ll then be able to choose whether you want to import the file into the Diagram Library or if you just want to edit it directly from its current location
Toolbox Improvements
  • The toolbox has been revamped with new icons and keyboard shortcuts
  • You can right-click on it and choose single column or two column mode, plus small or large icons
  • The shortcut keys appear on each tool items tooltip and are also listed in full in the Help docs, under Neck Diagrams > Reference > Keyboard Shortcuts > Diagram Editor
Page Size Option on New Page Wizard
  • There's now a page size option on the New Page wizard
  • The templates supplied will scale the fretboards to fit the page size selected
String Improvements
  • Thick strings now paint a right up to the very edge of the fretboard wires and nut. It had been noted that there was a miniscule gap of a pixel or so!
  • String placement has also been corrected for instruments with LOTS of strings, like the 10 string Chapman Sticks...
German and Italian Translations
  • The user interface, Welcome pages and Help documentation have been translated into German and Italian.
  • You can change the language via the Preferences > Language page - Neck Diagrams will need to restart.
Font Bugfix
  • Improvements have been made to the way fonts are handled (allocated & disposed)
  • This bugfix cures spurious errors you might have seen when changing font options
[1.7] [top]
Note Markers
Musical Symbol Font on Windows
  • Musical symbols support has been added to the Windows version, matching the Mac version.
  • This “small” change turned out to be a huge effort!!
Diamond Shapes
  • New diamond shaped note makers have been added to the toolbox
Note Markers By Fret Wires
  • There’s a new "Place note markers by fret wires" option on the fretboard Inspector page
Updating Roots Across Multiple Fretboards
  • The root note can now be set for multiple fretboards at once
  • Bugfix to maintain enharmonic overrides when copying/cloning a fretboard
  • Bugfix addressing the inability to clone note markers when the page was scrolled away from the top left corner
[1.7] [top]
Diagram Gallery
Drag Export Moving
  • Dragging a file out of the Diagram Gallery moves the file to the target location but previously the Diagram Gallery didn’t update, and still showed the file even though it is longer there and cannot be opened.
  • This has been fixed - the file thumbnail is removed when it is moved. Make sure you hold down CTRL (Win) or ALT (Mac) to do a copy if that’s what you actually want! A warning notification has been added if you start to move a file out of the Diagram Gallery - this can be turned off in the Preferences.
File Rename
  • A Rename option has been added to the File and context menus in the Diagram Gallery. You can still rename things by clicking the name of a selected item in the left-hand file list, but the new menu options make it less cryptic!
[1.7] [top]
Instrument Library
Tuning Details
  • Instrument tunings are shown directly in the Instrument Library. And the instrument images are tidier now - no unwanted outlines!
Open G Tuning Fix
  • Open G has been corrected... the strings were back to front. D’Oh.
[1.7] [top]
Scale Generator
User Defined Custom Interval Maps
  • You can now enter your own user-defined custom interval maps
  • Check out the new Scale Generator page in the Help documentation for further details
Clear Fretboard Before New Notes Added
  • An option has been added allowing you to ‘remove any existing note markers from fretboard’
  • You’ll notice now that if you use this option, if you Undo your scale generation you’ll see an additional step is required to also undo the clear to revert the fretboard to how it was before the scale generation.
Triads and Arpeggios
  • Added major, minor, dimished and augmented triads. Also added min7b5, maj7+5 and min/maj7 arpeggios
Symmetrical Scales
  • Corrected Whole/Half and Half/Whole scales - they’re Diminished, of course!, not Augmented
  • Added the Augmented scale
Bebop Scales
  • Added masses of Bebop scales, and all their modes...
Filtering & Layout
  • With all these new scales & arpeggios, you'll need an easier way to find things so we added a filter text field - e.g. just enter 'mix' to find anything with those letters in the name such as Mixolydian, Mixodorian, etc
  • The wizard layout has also been improved so that the contents scale appropriately when resizing the window. The size of the window is remembered between uses, so the next time you open it it’ll be the same size you set left it as last time
[1.7] [top]
  • Barres sometimes showing as straight line connections on reopening a file - not anymore!
  • Custom templates no longer lose their connections
  • Copy/cloning of objects with connections now also copy the connections
[1.7] [top]
Other Bugfixes
Editor Bugfixes
  • Fix for the text visibility indicator, which sometimes would not get hidden when all text was actually visible
  • Fix for when editing a fretboards title and adding a long line of text that wraps (i.e. not manually adding a line break) - this used to cause the fretboard to shrink, however now it correctly makes the title text grow to accommodate the text
  • Bugfix for error that occurred when pressing delete with the page selected. You can’t delete pages, at least not until we add support for multi-page documents...
  • Bugfix for error that can occur when undoing a change to an image element
Template Bugfixes
  • Custom templates no longer use the default page size setting you have set in the preferences, but keep the page size of the original that the template was created from
  • Images that had been scaled in custom templates would revert back to their original size (i.e. the unscaled image size). Fixed! The images now maintaine their correct scaled size
Export Bugfixes
  • Exported PDFs used to actually have incorrect physical page dimensions - now fixed
  • Bugfix for error that could occur on exporting a new unsaved page

  1.6.2  |  25th February 2010

A couple of bufixes here and a tweak.

General changes
Fix for Mac Print-via-Preview Workaround
  • The Mac printing workaround (Print via Preview), which unfortunately got broken in 1.6.1, has been now fixed
String Gauge Value Preserved When Cloning a Fretboard
  • Added a fix to ensure the string gauge setting also gets copied when you clone a fretboard (copy/paste or CTRL+drag, Alt/Option+drag on Mac)
Tiny Fretwires for Tiny Fretboards!
  • We've implemented a customer request for small fretboards to have thinner fretwires
  • This adjustment is done automatically by Neck Diagrams, based on the size of the fretboard (click image to see an example)

  1.6.1  |  20th February 2010

We have a few bufixes here and a couple of new items.

General changes
Bug fix for potential diagram page corruption
  • If you've ever had the misfortune to find that your page thumbnail appears blank in the Diagram Gallery and it won't open in the Editor then you'll be pleased to hear this won't happen again!
  • The problem could occur if exiting Neck Diagrams with unsaved editor changes and choosing 'Yes' to save them, then the file(s) saved might have become corrupted - not anymore!
Fix in Error Report Submission
  • Error Reports could fail to be submitted under certain circumstances, prompting you to copy & paste the report into an email and sending manually
  • As long as you're connected to the Internet this shouldn't happen anymore!
Diagram Gallery Thumbnail Tooltip Error
  • A fix has been added to prevent an error occurring if clicking on a thumbnail's filename tooltip
Hide Filenames in Gallery View Left-hand Pane
  • A new menu item has been added to the Diagram Gallery, under View > Hide Files in Projects List
  • This menu will make the left hand pane show only Projects and Folders, which is especially useful if you have lots of diagram pages!
Option for Small Mute/Open String Markers
  • An option has been added to the fretboard Inspector page allowing for smaller mute and open string markers to be shown, if you find the existing ones too chunky
  • Also the mute 'x' marker has been fixed so it never appears a little off which it occasionally did before

  1.6  |  14th February 2010

This turned out to be quite a large release, so we've grouped items to make it easier to see the changes.
Some of the images below can be clicked for more info

General changes
Non-English Language Support
  • Neck Diagrams now copes correctly with multi-byte/unicode characters
  • Previous versions did not save certain characters correctly, such as accents or musical symbols - you might've seen "?" characters when you saved/reopened pages
Show String Tunings
  • Show string tunings at the click of a button!
Additional Fretboard Legend Row
  • We've added an option to show another legend row for fretboards
Multi-line Fretboard Titles
  • Neck Diagrams now supports multi-line fretboard titles
  • Simply press ENTER to add a new line and CTRL+ENTER when done
Add Images To Your Pages!
  • Got a logo you want to add to your pages? Now you can!
  • Use the Image Tool to add images to your pages
Automatic Backups
  • We've added an automatic backup feature which will create a ZIP archive file of all your Neck Diagrams projects, folders & pages
  • You can control where the backups are stored via the Preferences page
Mandolin Added To Instrument Library
  • A mandolin option has been added to the Instrument Library
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Print via Preview Workaround
  • The Mac printing workaround (automated export to PDF & open in Preview) now works on Tiger (10.4)
Note Markers
Mix & Match Note Marker Labels
  • You can now control the label shown on each individual note marker
  • For example, if you only want to show the interval on a specific dot and nothing else, then just turn off the fretboard's "Note marker labels" setting, select your note and choose the label style.
Controlling Note Marker Enharmonics
  • Note name and interval enharmonics, e.g. F♯/G♭ or Δ6, can be specified on the Note Marker Inspector page
  • We now always show both the Interval and Note enharmonic options instead of showing only the one the fretboard is set to show
Use of Musical Symbol Font For Sharps & Flats
  • Neck Diagrams now draws musical symbols using a special font on Mac OS X
  • However, due to a bug in the underlying Eclipse platform on Windows this is currently only implemented on Mac OS X.
  • Fear not Windows users! We'll be upgrading to a newer version of the platform for the next release so this feature will be available then
Setting Fingerings Whilst Adding Notes
  • It's now possible to set fingerings whilst a note creation tool is in use
  • Previously you had to return to the selection "arrow" tool before you could type in the fingering; now you can enter them as you go!
  • If you have the fretboard set to show fingerings, or a legend showing fingerings then you'll see the fingerings immediatedly
Numeric Keypad Support
  • Fingerings can now also be set using the numeric keypad
Open String Markers Now Hollow By Default
  • Open string markers no longer default to the solid style
Scale Generator
Layout Improvements
  • Changes to the layout of some user interface items mean less clicking and scrolling!
CAGED Position Scales
  • The algorithms and logic of the CAGED position scale generator have been improved even further
Selecting Allow Open Strings When Position Has No Open String
  • The Scale Generator would report an error if Allow Open Strings was selected but there we no open strings in the position selected
  • This has now been fixed & Allow Open Strings can be used safely even when the position has no open strings!
Specifying Fret Ranges Above 12th Fret
  • You now get the correct results when you add a scale/arpeggio beyond the 12th fret!
  • Previously, if you specified a custom range, e.g. 14th to 17th frets, you would actually get notes added between the 2nd and 17th frets
Open String Markers Not Added As Solid Dots
  • The Scale Generator now adds open string note markers (when Allow Open Strings selected) correctly as a hollow circle
Scale Generator Now Works In Turkish!
  • If you're using Turkish as the language on your computer, you'll find that the Scale Generator no longer throws an error
Diagram Page
Custom Page Size
  • You can now specify a custom page size
  • Just select the "Custom" option in the Page Size section of the Inspector and the Custom Page Size dialog window will appear
  • This can also be used in the Preferences window to set a custom page size as your default
New Menu: Select All Fretboards
  • There's a new editor menu, "Select All Fretboard", on the context and main Edit menus
Export Directly From The Editor
  • We've added a File > Export menu to the Editor view, so you can now export the page you're currently working on
Curved "Barre"-style Connections
  • This tool only allows connections between note markers
  • However, an error would occur if an attempt was made to connect to any other item - this is now fixed
Fix for error opening page which had deleted connections
  • If you deleted a connection between items on a page then you would've found that the page could no longer be opened once saved
  • This is now fixed - any such pages can now be opened, and it's safe to delete connections again!
Text Boxes
New Text Alignment Options
  • You can now align text to the right or center, as well as the default left alignment - available on fretboard titles too!
Deleting The Margin Value
  • The error triggered by deleting the margin value has been fixed
Using the Font Dialog on Windows
  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred (only on Windows) when setting the font via the Font Dialog

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