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  1.5.1(aka 1.0.9)  |  9th February 2010

  • This minor update only contains a change to the Automatic Update mechanism to aid future updates

  1.5 (aka 1.0.8)  |  6th October 2009

  • added Fretboard Legends
  • new curved note connection tool, which you can use e.g. to create barre-chords or just plain crazy stuff!
  • create multi-page PDF files and configure the order of those pages
  • Scale Generator:
    • now remembers your previous choices, great if you just want the same again in a different position
    • option to automatically adjust the range of the fretboard, to ensure all notes just added are visible without you having to tweak
    • added blues scale (major and minor), in Hexatonic category
  • fretboard size is now constant
    • showing/hiding fretboard "decorations" such as fret numbers, fretboard title, etc, no longer changes the size of the fretboard itself
  • fixed issue with the backspace key in the Edit view
    • pressing backspace when editing a fretboard title or Text box contents used to delete the whole item
    • now correctly just deletes the previous character
  • Mac printing workaround now works correctly!
    • for more details see 1.0.7 release below
  • fixed error when converting a folder to a project
    • (when dragging a folder to a blank area in the Diagram Gallery below last project)
  • cloning a Text box no longer loses it's "transparent" property (if it was set)
  • fixed the text in the "Are you sure?" confirmation window
    • (when copying or drag'n'dropping a file to a location where a file of the same name exits)
  • version number now displayed at startup on splash screen


  1.4 (aka 1.0.7)  |  25th July 2009

  • new diagram page Templates feature
  • Diagram Library
    • added cut/copy/paste plus full drag & drop support for moving projects/folders/pages
    • New Project/New Folder/Save dialogs now check whether name entered is already in use
    • moving a page that is open in the editor & unsaved now saves and closes the editor
  • Scale Generator:
    • now works with instruments with less than 6 strings
  • Instrument/Tuning Wizard
    • fixed last wizard page which was broken
    • added double-click support to the category/instrument lists
  • Mac printing workaround due to issue in underlying platform - automatically Export pages to PDF and open in Preview ready to print
  • Inspector tidied up so no scroll bars showing on Windows Vista
  • editor toolbar items should now never appear in the diagram gallery/instrument library views!
  • Windows installer improvements
    • better support for Vista & Windows 7 : installer & application executables are now signed
  • Update wizard tweaked to provide more space for update details and a link to the version history webpage - you won't see this new dialog until 1.0.8 comes out though!


  1.3 (aka 1.0.6)  |  7th June 2009

  • intelligent interval naming
  • new feature for users to override interval & note names
  • new feature to control string gauge appearance
  • new options in the Scale Generator to specify note marker style to use
  • new Gallery 'List' view mode, shows smaller thumbnails and file name to the right of the thumbnail
  • existing Gallery 'Icon' view has feature to show file name below icon
  • tooltip shown when mouse hovered over a Gallery icon with a filename that is too wide to show fully
  • added ability to move (drag/drop) folders and projects in the Gallery view
  • note marker outline now bolder
  • PDF export note marker improvements
  • diagram editor now larger on Mac so less need to use the zoom
  • see this blog post for more detailed info


1.2.1 (aka 1.0.5c) | 14th May 2009

  • fix for auto-update issue in 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 builds
  • see here for more info if you installed 1.0.4 or 1.0.5 - NOT an issue if you've been upgrading via auto-update from earlier versions!


1.2 (aka 1.0.5) | 10th May 2009

  • new Spacing tool + Help topic
  • label colour control for solid note markers, plus defaults and per-dot override
  • option for US-style interval labels in Preferences (no major/perfect prefixes, just b's and #'s)
  • user-controllable grid spacing
  • option for fret marker dots to be outlined only (ie hollow)
  • Trial version now allows 10 pages to be printed/exported before watermarks are applied
  • major 7th arpeggio corrected
  • improved bug reporting, providing automated user submission of error report


  1.1.2 (aka 1.0.4)  |  11th April 2009

  • added Help documentation
  • string drawing tweak
  • Trial version now allows 8 fretboards per page
  • editor Zoom commands now have keyboard shortcuts


  1.1.1 (aka 1.0.3)  |  22nd March 2009

  • allows placement of text on top of fretboards
  • new 'transparent' text property
  • printing fix


  1.1 (aka 1.0.2)  |  20th March 2009

  • added fret marker dots option
    • round & oval, configurable colour
  • fretboard title and mute/open string area can now be hidden
  • defaults for all these can be controlled via Preferences


  1.0.1  |  8th March 2009

  • Windows printing fix
  • three note per string scale generation fix
    • notes in higher registers could end up starting an octave lower than they should
  • added 7th arpeggios and symmetrical scales
  • fixed error that was occurring when deleting a diagram file


  1.0  |  5th March 2009

First Public Release