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    Question on sharps/flats on scale creator.

    I'm using the trial version, and when I use the scale creator I don't see an option to choose between sharp/flat. Basically I was creating arpeggios and noticed they are mostly listed as sharps for the key signatures. Is there any way to set this all to flats (or I guess sharps).

    I've never heard of a blues in A#, but it seems it wants to use that key signature when creating.


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    Hi Bahnzo!

    Ah yes - notice it doesn't say "key signature" but just "root note" and it's indeed ambiguous at the moment..

    If you select the fretboard you'll see in the Inspector properties on the More tab (icon is like "...") that you can set the key signature for a fretboard there.

    You can modify the enharmonic of any note of a fretboard - just select the note and you'll see the Inspector then shows "Interval" and "Note" drop-down lists where you can set the appropriate enharmonic - selecting the "Apply to fretboard" checkbox will apply the chosen enharmonic to any other instances of the note, so you don't have to repeat for each one.

    We'll be enhancing the Scale Generator so you can choose the correct enharmonic in the first place and it should be able to then infer the key from the scale!
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    Ok. I was just wondering if I missed a setting somewhere. The real (minor) issue was using the setting to automatically give a title to the diagram I created gives it the A# (or whatever) instead of the flat that I prefer. Simple enough to change/edit I suppose.

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