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    Open Position Notes and Intervals in Scale Generator


    How can I get the open position notes and intervals to show in scale generator?

    I have selected allow open notes in the generator menu but I'm still seeing solid dots.


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    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to the ND forums!

    I see from your other message that you found out how to do this, but I'll reply for the benefit of others!

    Controlling what's shown on note markers at the open position isn't something that's done via the Scale Generator - this is a property of the fretboard and is controlled via the option "Draw notes/intervals on open strings", as shown here:

    This is fact something from ND1, but as we've done some rationalisation of open position note markers to behave as regular note markers we can take this a step further and remove this option in future!
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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