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    Exporting Multiple Diagrams

    I am new to this software and currently demoing, so apologies if i'm missing something but can't seem to find an answer to this.

    If I make several chord charts arranged from left to right on the page (as in screenshot 1), is it possible to export them together as one image/document but without that being the whole page (As in the attached screenshot 2)?

    At the minute I can find an option to export the whole page giving me a lot of white page that I don't need, or if I marquee what I want it always exports each individual fretboard as a separate file. I have left the option for "export each selected object to it's own file" box unchecked, but it still separates them.
    I was thinking I would like an document with the required chord charts side-by-side that I can just drop into the top of the page of a bar chart in another software and resize to taste, without having to line all the individual charts up again.

    Many thanks.

    Exp eg 2.PNGExp eg 1.PNG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Shaw View Post
    is it possible to export them together as one image/document but without that being the whole page?
    Hi Rob, this is exactly what should be happening, so it sounds like you've found a bug! I'll raise a dev ticket for this, hopefully we should be able to fix it for the next release, 2.2, in a few weeks time.

    In the meantime, there's a couple of workarounds:

    (1) the easiest, is to just copy & paste into your target application. This works at the screen resolution however, so if you need hires output you do need to export..

    or (2) you can create a new blank page or doc, set it to a custom size that's closer to the height of the row of fretboards, then copy your fretboards and paste them into the new page. This'll allow you to go the export route.
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