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    Headers - Change default and/or change multiple headers at the same time?


    Just getting more familiar with the program after purchasing.

    I would like my headers (ie. the title of each chord above each individual diagram) to be a different font and larger size than the default verdana 14. If I have multiple diagrams per page it is quite time consuming to repeatedly click in each header, select text and alter. Also I would have to do this for any document I ever make. Is there a way to alter the default size/font of headers? (I can only seem to find a way to change preference of document text, not header).
    Alternatively, is there a way to select the headers of every diagram on a page simultaneously so that In could alter the settings like that?

    Thank you

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    Hi Rob,

    Yes, you can set default font properties for the fretboard (title, footer) in the Preferences..

    In the list of pages on the left side of the Preferences window, you'll see a little 'expand' triangle next to the Fretboard entry; click on this and you'll see a number of sub-pages. Click on the Text Styles sub-page, this is the one you want!

    You can also set defaults for the fret number, legend and tuning fonts.
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