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    Annotation improvements

    Some of these have been mentioned before but I'll pull a few wish-list items together here.

    Top items:
    1. Text box without outline (just free-floating text) [edit: never mind, I just figured out how to do this LOL]
    2. Change color/properties of text box outline [edit: ditto]
    3. Adjust line-spacing between text (titles, fret numbers, etc.) and fretboard; they're usually too far away for me

    4. Type/paste font name -- I have a bazillion fonts and I hate having to scroll for the one I want
    5. For connection lines, make dashed/solid appearance a property of the line, so we can change dashed to solid and vice versa
    6. More appearance control over connection lines (as with edited lines): wide/narrow dashes, dots, arrowheads, thick, thin, etc.
    7. Curved line segments on lines and connection lines. These don't need super-duper drawing tools, just a way to have half- and quarter-circle arcs would do it
    8. Free-floating connection line segments that aren't linked to a dot at one end

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    -- Trevor

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    Oh, one more font issue: Please sort the font names alphabetically. I have hundreds of fonts installed and it is a nightmare trying to find the one I need.
    -- Trevor

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    Hi Trevor, slowly catching up..

    Re font names - they are actually sorted! Can you upload/send a screenshot?

    The Windows drop-down list isn't as friendly as on the Mac either, as there you can tap the first letter of a font and it'll jump to the first matching from where you can do cursor up/down to navigate the required one - on Windows it selects that first one for you. I'll raise a dev ticket re being able to filter the font name list as in your #4.

    #3 - there's a ticket tracking this so have added your vote. Obviously on vertical fretboards if you don't have any markers behind the nut then you can hide the open string area which'll bring the title down towards the fretboard..

    #1 & #2 - glad you figured it out! I posted about this very thing actually not long ago, maybe you found that:


    #5, 6 & 7 - I'll raise dev tickets..

    #8 - hmm sounds like a lot of effort for very little gain.. Best to just use a polyline!
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