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    Chord Generator possible?

    Hello.. I purchased the pro. Wow! Love the program. Scale generator is awesome. Can only think of 2 ways to make it doubly awesome.. 1. Is a chord generator in the same vein as the scale gen possible? and 2. more control over the size shape and color of the note markers would be great.. ie.. change the size of note markers.. make them smaller or larger.. in some instances they are too big for what i'm doing.

    Awesome job. Don't know how I did without this program...

    Thank you!

    Ed in NJ

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    Hi Ed

    A chord generator / library of some kind is something we plan to include at some point. We're also looking to add a sound engine of some sort so you could hear examples of chords too. Nothing concrete on when or how elaborate this will be but it's definitely something we're keen to implement.

    More control over note markers is coming in version 2 which we're hoping to put out Q4 of 2014.

    I hope that gives you an idea of where we're going with ND and shows how hard we're working behind the scenes

    Kind regards
    Dean Cross

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    Hi Dean,

    Just been aware of ND2 through a YouTuber and it was what I was looking for in a long time. And it's great.
    Although Ed's feature request is from a while ago, I strongly support his request for a chord generator/library in ND2. Is it yet implemented? Or is it me as a tremendous newbie?

    Kind regards
    Eric-Jan Venema

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    Hi Eric-Jan,

    Yes, it's an old request - not implemented yet I'm afraid, but still very much in our minds!

    You may have spotted Dean mentioned we originally planned to release ND2 at the end of '14.. well it actually took another 5 years from Dean's post to get ND2 released. We'd promised way more than we should have and it turned out to be a mammoth effort, and a few things had to get postponed otherwise it'd still probably not have seen the light of day!

    One thing we'll need to decide is whether to take an algorithmic approach - calculating possibilities for a given chord, or a 'database lookup' where we just provide a static list of chord options. Algorithmic sounds more interesting but could come up with some suspicious (unplayable!) suggestions that'd need filtering out, but it could also come up with some good ideas lol
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