About Neck Diagrams 2

Since version 1.0 came out way back in March 2009 we've released 11 major FREE updates. Phew, that's a lot of free goodies for those that discovered us back then!

All those updates have been packed with features, lots of them suggested by our users - thanks folks, you rock! And our next major milestone release, Neck Diagrams 2 (ND2) is overflowing with awesome :)

Staff changes and mountains of dirty nappies..

Less awesome though is how long we've been working on ND2 now, as it's proved to be incredibly challenging. Our wish list of features to build for ND2 is as long as your arm, so we've had to trim it back and will push some things into subsequent free updates.

Even so, we're admittedly way behind schedule and have repeatedly missed target dates. It's not just coding the features that's been challenging - we lost a core dev team member, many babies have arrived too (2 of them to our founder Justin!) - fantastically joyous events and more than a little disruptive to a small distributed team where everyone works from their home office!

But we're pushing forward, we made new dev team hires early this year and things are REALLY motoring now! We're really excited about all the new features and are pretty sure you will be too!

I want it now just take my money already!

ND2 represents a HUGE investment for us especially given how long we've been working on it. Yes, it will be our first paid-for update, which is kind of bizarre after so many years, especially considering other software companies push out paid-for updates every year..

There will of course be a GENEROUS DISCOUNT for existing customers wanting to upgrade to ND2. And it goes without saying that we'll also be providing FREE incremental updates, i.e. v2.1, v2.2, etc.

What's more, if we release ND2 within a month of your ND 1.11 purchase then we'll give you a FREE UPGRADE TO ND2! But please don't ask when that'll be! We don't want to put a date on it and get it wrong again ;)

Start creating your own fab fretboard diagrams and chord charts!

So, in the meantime why not download the FREE trial, watch the introductory tutorial video and start creating your own fabulous fretboard diagrams and chord charts!

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