ND 1.11 is coming any day now - some things you need to know

Things you need to know about the v1.11 release  

We'll be releasing v1.11 of Neck Diagrams in the next few days so here's a heads up with some information you really need to know, ESPECIALLY if you're a Mac user..


v1.10 now out and some Blog changes..


Did you get our Newsletter last week?! You should've heard that ND v1.10 was released, yes - ANOTHER FREE update :)


La v1.9.1 est prête pour le grand public

1.9.1 is ready for the masses - auto-update message window

Si vous avez lancé ND lors de ces dernières heures, vous savez déjà qu'une nouvelle version est disponible, la Mise à jour automatique ayant déjà dû vous avertir de la dernière mise à jour 1.9.1 GRATUITE ...

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