v1.10 now out and some Blog changes..


Did you get our Newsletter last week?! You should've heard that ND v1.10 was released, yes - ANOTHER FREE update :)

So what's new then?

There's a ton of information in the Newsletter but you can see a quick run-through of the changes on the Version History page.

Didn't see the Newsletter?

Well then, make sure you're signed up via the little form on the sidebar just over there on the right.. and if you already did that a while back then check our emails aren't getting filtered out to your junk mail folder!

If you're a Gmail user you'll find this article useful, about the recent inbox "Tabs" changes..

But I want to read the Newsletter now!

Ok ok!! It's also online and you can check it out via this v1.10 Newsletter Archive link.

Neck Diagrams To Go - want a tablet version?

We also setup a Survey asking if you're interested in a tablet/iPad version of NeckDiagrams. Let us know your thoughts and add your email at the end for the chance to win a Neck Diagrams T-shirt!

We'll be closing the survey just after Christmas and will announce the prize draw winnerbefore the New Year.

Blog changes

You might've noticed we've not been posting to the blog as frequently as we once did.. Turns out that providing translations for the whole website has proved to be a large overhead, slowing blog posts down to the point where we just preferred to post to our Neck Diagrams Facebook Page as it's so much easier and quicker!

So to make sure things pick up again on the Blog we've decided not to translate every blog post into all of the 6 (yes, SIX!!) languages we support - we'll just be posting in English from now on..

Enjoy the new release & Happy Holidays from the ND Team