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Mac High Sierra update for non-English Systems

MacOS High Sierra background image  

We had a report of an issue on High Sierra today
(which we've fixed already ;)

Important information if your system's primary language is not English - please read on..


New online store | MacOS Sierra | 1.11.3 Released

ND 1.11.3 is ready to download  

We're extremely pleased to announce that we now have a new e-commerce provider powering our online store!

Also, we've released Neck Diagrams 1.11.3 and there's news for anyone wanting to know whether Neck Diagrams works on the new macOS Sierra..


ND 1.11.2 released | Purchase links updated

ND 1.11.2 is ready to download  

We had a nasty surprise when our payment processor unexpectedly shut down recently - owing us money.. :(
This release replaces the links in the the application to our old payment processor, Kagi, with links to our Buy page - so no more '404 page not found' errors!


ND 1.11.1 now ready to download

ND 1.11.1 is ready to download  

We've sorted out the issues Win 10 users had with ND 1.11 and there's a new build available for everyone to download now


ND 1.11 is coming any day now - some things you need to know

Things you need to know about the v1.11 release  

We'll be releasing v1.11 of Neck Diagrams in the next few days so here's a heads up with some information you really need to know, ESPECIALLY if you're a Mac user..


v1.10 now out and some Blog changes..


Did you get our Newsletter last week?! You should've heard that ND v1.10 was released, yes - ANOTHER FREE update :)


1.9.1 è disponibile per tutti

1.9.1 is ready for the masses - auto-update message window  

Se tutto è andato bene e hai aperto ND nelle ultime ore, sai già che c'è una nuova versione disponibile, perché l'Auto Update dovrebbe averti avvisato dell'ultimissimo aggiornamento GRATUITO alla versione 1.9.1...


Fretboard Legends

One feature that's been requested is the ability to show more note information on a fretboard - wouldn't it be great if you could show more than just ONE of note name, interval or fingering?! Well, soon you CAN! Not ONE but TWO! ("Mwa haha! I love to count!" 8)

We call this new upcoming feature Fretboard Legends. Sorry if you were expecting something about Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, Pat Martino, or Birelli Lagrene etc!

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