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Do you love Neck Diagrams? Frank Gambale does too!!

Frank Gambale shows an approach to scale practice, illustrated by Neck Diagrams  

Recently came across this video from Frank Gambale's Facebook page. Definitely worth checking out...


Playing the Changes: fantastic free lesson courtesy of Levi Clay

Levi Clay playing over changes  

Following the changes in a simple blues isn't so bad but if you want to find out how it's done over a jazz or fusion track! Let's get stuck in...


How to learn the names of the notes across the fretboard

Metal Method Note Learning  

I came across this great video by Doug Marks, of Metal Method fame, which I thought I'd share with you as it has some excellent ideas on how to learn the note names efficiently...


Dorian Study Continued

The Dorian Study Example showed you some fretboards that can be created with Neck Diagrams, focusing on introducing the Dorian mode and making music with it.

Here we’ll take it further so you can master the Dorian mode in all 5 positions...

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