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User Testimonials

What customers say about Neck Diagrams

The comments below are all from paying customers and are quoted with their permission.

  • John Wallace Music

    Neck Diagrams empowered me to quickly complete a book project that I had been kicking around for a few years. Some time ago I had set out to write a couple of books on Exotic Guitar Scales but didn't have the time or software necessary to diagram everything out the way that I wanted.

    Then I discovered Neck Diagrams, and within a very short time was able to create all the diagrams necessary for the books, easily publish those diagrams into a format that Amazon could work with, and bring those books to market!

    Neck Diagrams was the reason I was able to accomplish all this in the short amount of time that I did and I have been very happy with the product and the results.
    Thanks for the great software!

  • I LLOOOVVEEEE this thing. In fact, I spend far too much time playing with this when I probably should be holding the guitar!

  • Stuart Bahn

    Before Neck Diagrams came around guitarists had to create chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams muddling through with art packages, or creating diagrams by hand.

    Neck Diagrams changes all of that. It’s intuitive to use, versatile, saves you many hours of work and produces publication grade diagrams, leaving you free to spend more time working on the instrument you love.

    An essential piece of software for guitarists and guitar teachers alike.

  • René Schermer

    Neck Diagrams is the best additional tool I ever bought during my period teaching. It's as if you gave somebody a page out of a book. Now I know how to work with it it's almost ADDICTIVE. Justin, you made life for teachers much easier!

  • Mike Grubert

    What a great piece of software!
    I'm full time a tutor of 10 years. My handwriting is awful and I'm not great with computers either so having such a versatile and easy to use product like this is actually life changing.

    It has saved me a lot of time already and made my lesson documents make me look more professional.

  • Great bit of software!

    Just been using it to create chord and scale boxes for this month's Total Guitar transcription - excellent!

    Phil's Site

  • Hey guys,
    Just want to thank you and let you know that I've been using Neck Diagrams for a while now and it helps me out immensely!

  • Dan MacMillan

    I am pleased with my purchase. I am a teacher here in North Hollywood, CA. and it has saved me time and helped me teach more effectively.

    The scale generator is what peaked my interest about the product. It helped me visualize what I already knew about scales and theory. It has really helped me solidify knowledge and communicate better.

  • Dirk Laukens

    Great program! You can’t believe the crap I’ve been using before...

  • Coach Sandhu

    I was generating chord diagrams in Sibelius then enlarging and formatting them (quite a pain in the butt) so I did some research on google and came across your software..

    It saves me MAJOR time and while I still like Sibelius for certain tasks for chord and scale diagrams you guys are the BEST and I'm converting the student resources on my website over to Neck Diagrams charts over the next while..Keep up the good work!!!!