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Neck Diagrams on Big Sur

ND2 on Big Sur

ND2 2.2 available for all systems, including Big Sur!

Apple has released Big Sur 11, the next-generation of the macOS operating system, and you may be considering upgrading your system.

This macOS release includes major changes under the hood - we'll be keeping this post updated with our progress..

Updated January 15th, 2021


ND2 version 2.1.1 now available! macOS Catalina users heads up..

ND2 2.1.1 Release  

We're extremely pleased to announce that we've released ND2 version 2.1.1!

There's lots of improvements and fixes in this one 8) - Anyone running macOS Catalina should read on as this release won't run "out-of-the-box" on Catalina..


Mac High Sierra update for non-English Systems

MacOS High Sierra background image  

We had a report of an issue on High Sierra today
(which we've fixed already ;)

Important information if your system's primary language is not English - please read on..


Does Neck Diagrams work on High Sierra?

MacOS High Sierra background image  

Are you considering upgrading your Mac to High Sierra?

Apple's latest operating system update is coming, here's what you need to know..


Do you love Neck Diagrams? Frank Gambale does too!!

Frank Gambale shows an approach to scale practice, illustrated by Neck Diagrams  

Recently came across this video from Frank Gambale's Facebook page. Definitely worth checking out...


New online store | MacOS Sierra | 1.11.3 Released

ND 1.11.3 is ready to download  

We're extremely pleased to announce that we now have a new e-commerce provider powering our online store!

Also, we've released Neck Diagrams 1.11.3 and there's news for anyone wanting to know whether Neck Diagrams works on the new macOS Sierra..


ND 1.11.2 released | Purchase links updated

ND 1.11.2 is ready to download  

We had a nasty surprise when our payment processor unexpectedly shut down recently - owing us money.. :(
This release replaces the links in the the application to our old payment processor, Kagi, with links to our Buy page - so no more '404 page not found' errors!


ND 1.11.1 now ready to download

ND 1.11.1 is ready to download  

We've sorted out the issues Win 10 users had with ND 1.11 and there's a new build available for everyone to download now


ND 1.11 release pulled whilst we investigate issues on Windows 10

UPDATE #3: 14th July 2016

The 1.11 problem has now been fixed with the release of v1.11.1 - the fix will return return the Digram Gallery for anyone affected to how it was prior to the 1.11 installation. Please download the latest build if you've not yet done so.

UPDATE #2: 8th July 2016

Good news! We're nearly done testing our fix for the v1.11 Windows 10 problem and are aiming to release next week if all goes well. Anyone affected desperate to get up and running again who'd like to trial it first please let us know!


ND 1.11 is coming any day now - some things you need to know

Things you need to know about the v1.11 release  

We'll be releasing v1.11 of Neck Diagrams in the next few days so here's a heads up with some information you really need to know, ESPECIALLY if you're a Mac user..

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