FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

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I've just made a purchase - where's the download link?

  • Just download the demo version from the Download page and then use your license code to unlock it!

How do I register my purchase and unlock the demo version?

  • If you use the Buy Now link in the bottom right corner of the application window:
  • you'll find that you won't need to do anything as the demo will be automatically unlocked once your payment has been processed. Simple!
  • If you purchase online then you'll need the "Thanks for your purchase" email which you'll receive from Kagi once your payment has been processed, confirming your purchase. It will contain a section like this:
  • Simply highlight and select the registration code (the part after the text "Your registration code is:", blurred in the above image) then go to Neck Diagrams and select the Help > Register menu:
  • and paste the registration code into the text box in the window that pops up, then just press Unlock!

How do I open a page I created on another computer?

  • You can simply drag the page thumbnail out of the Diagram Gallery view (but make real sure that you hold down CTRL/ALT! Otherwise you'll do a MOVE instead of COPY and you file will disappear from the Gallery)
  • Watch this short tutorial to see how:

Neck Diagrams Introductory Screencast