Neck Diagrams on Big Sur

ND2 on Big Sur

ND2 2.2 beta1 available for Big Sur!

Apple has released Big Sur 11.0.1, the next-generation of the macOS operating system, and you may be considering upgrading your system.

This macOS release includes major changes under the hood - we'll be keeping this post updated with our progress..

Updated November 18th, 2020

We're pleased to announce an ND2 build for Big Sur

We're today making a build of ND 2.2 available for Big Sur users. This is an early access build as the current official release, 2.1.4, doesn't get along well with Big Sur, so early adopters are stuck without ND.

Please note that this build is ONLY for Big Sur users - it's been set to only run on Big Sur. The full 2.2 release will be following soon, for all Mac versions (to 10.10 Yosemite) and Windows.

on disk
v2.2.0 beta1 (RC7.1) for 11.0 Big Sur

MD5 checksum: 0c172cb3997a176d91f2d4aaccca45ab


Release notes detailing the changes since 2.1.4 will be made available once the final 2.2 build is released.

Known Issues

This is a list of things yet to be resolved in the build:

Affected Area Issue
Diagram Gallery Thumbnail images for multi-page documents aren't correct
The top right corner with the folded page should show the 2nd page of the document, but there's an alpha transparency problem causing this corner to be rendered black.
Translations Translations are not quite complete
More will be added for the final release.

Does the old Neck Diagrams 1 run on Big Sur?

Unfortunately not. ND1 is no longer supported - all our efforts are going into ND2!

If you're running ND1 and plan to upgrade to Big Sur you'll need to upgrade to ND2.


When will this update be

When will this update be ready? I updated my mac os not knowing ND wouldn't work .

There's a good chance we'll

There's a good chance we'll have a beta available today or tomorrow..

Always best to do a little research before updating the OS, especially when it's such a major release - we've been stung like this in the past too!

Sounds good, I love your

Sounds good, I love your program !!

I love your program -

I love your program - Unfortunately, my computer upgraded itself automatically to Big Sur -- my fault. Apple needs a big kick in the ASS

Thanks for your continuing

Thanks for your continuing work and support with this amazing app guys! I upgraded to Big Sur without first checking with your site, so through user error I now have - albeit temporarily - a redundant copy of ND2. I'm looking forward to the update!


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