“Hi” to everyone we met at the RGT Conference!

9 September 2010

By diverge

We had a great time at the RGT Conference!

Neck Diagrams generated a lot of interest with the attendees (Rightfully so!, Ed) and we were rushed off our feet talking and demoing to everyone who stopped by our stand…A warm Thank You goes out to our newest customers, who were lucky enough to score copies of the v1.7 release before everyone else!“And what about everyone else then?”, I hear you ask… Fear not Neck Diagrams fans! v1.7 goes public very soon; at the weekend if not sooner.

Oh yeah – can you see the funky DVD cases in the bottom left of the pic? We’re hoping to have those available on the online store soon, for anyone that wants a physical copy or maybe would like to buy the software as a present for someone.

Ok, enough chit-chat, time to get back to getting the latest and greatest release ready for everyone… Watch this space! Or just sign up to the Newsletter already 😉

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